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Your Vision.
Manifested –

Cleavisions is a Creative Direction Firm that manifests the visions of its clients. Through expertise, exercise, and effeciency, Cleavisions has cultivated growth in individual, small business, and corporate branding endeavors. The company consistently meets and exceeds expectation by paying attention to its most brilliant component, the client. Cleavisions offers a tangible reality for your vision.

We are the creative realm and manifestation of visionary + brand strategist, Cleavon Meabon, IV.

Cleavon has long utilized vision casting to “transform the psyche through art.” The vision is accompanied by years of exemplary experience in the theatre, television, film, and radio industries paired with sales. Cleavon could be described as a transformative creative powerhouse and innovative visionary, hence: Cleavisions.

Catch the Vision.